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Why can’t I edit a mob from bred to purchased?

If a mob’s origin is recorded as bred when it is added, you will not be able to edit and change the origin to purchased. Ensure that when you are setting up mobs you are recording the correct origin information. 

If you would like to change a mobs origin from bred to purchased, please contact our Farm Success Team who would be happy to help you out!

What is the best way to add Lamb and Calf mobs into AgriWebb?

Creating a Marking record is the best way to create new lamb or calf mobs. Marking will link maternal mobs to their offspring and the new mobs can then be split based on their sex.

The marking percentage automatically populates in the Fertility Report, to give you a comprehensive look into your natural increase.

Check out our full guide to Marking to learn more.

How do I scan and then split my livestock based upon pregnancy results?

Input Scan Results 

By applying a scanning record to the whole mob you can accurately record the results, including their scanning percentage and then draft based upon their pregnancy status. Be sure to check out our full guide to creating a Scanning Record to read more.

Draft according to Results

 Following this, you can Draft and Split the mob and add a Management Tag according to their pregnancy status to prevent them from merging with similar mobs.

Add a Management Tag 

Simply edit a mobs details and add a Management Tag according to their pregnancy status to quickly identify the mob and prevent them merging with other similar mobs.

Type in Drys, Singles, Twins or Triplets into the Management Tag field and click Save.

This Management tag can be used to filter through records and reports to quickly obtain total numbers of each group and where they are on the farm.

Why is my mob count incorrect?

If you find your mob numbers do not add up correctly in your stock reconciliation or have conflicting records in your mob history and discrepancies on your mob map, you may not be alone! We have written a full article on this issue and it’s potential causes, make sure you check it out so that we can get you back up and running. Why is my mob count incorrect?

How do I run Mixed Age Mobs?

We have a Mixed Ear Tag option that allows you to run mixed age mobs. If you want to learn how to set this up for either your cattle of sheep mobs check out the following articles.

Setting up your Sheep

Setting Up Cattle Mobs 

How do I move mobs between my farms?

Moving stock between different farms within AgriWebb isn’t yet a feature, but it is planned on our product roadmap. You can vote on the feature on our AgriWebb Ideas Portal to increase its priority and stay up to date on its launch. In the meantime, check out our guide on Mob Transfer workarounds to learn current best practice for moving mobs between farms.

If I delete an item from my inventory list, will it delete the associated treatment records?

Don’t worry, deleting an inventory item doesn’t delete the records you created from the inventory item. Those records are safely stored in your Treatment Reports, Mob and Paddock histories and won’t affect your record-keeping for audit compliance. Inventory items can only be deleted from our Mobile App, to learn more be sure to check out our full guide to Inventory Management.

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