Mobile App

From the Mobile App, tap on the Map Icon and select the Livestock tab. 

Tap on the livestock group you would like to create the scanning record for and select More

Press the Scan icon. If you don't see it, your livestock's Age Class is not a Ewe or Cow Age Class and it not considered a lambing or calving Age Class. To change the Age Class, check out this article on how to Add Livestock.

To start the scanning process, enter the Scanning date. It will default to todays date automatically.

By tapping Basic or Advanced, you can choose to allocate results as Dry and Wet, or Empty, Singles, Twins and Triplets. It just depends on how you would like to record your scanning results.

You can also launch the Livestock Pregnancy Counter to count as you go.

Hit + to increase or - decrease your scanning count. It's that simple!

Once you have entered in all your results, click Done and then Save

Following this, you can Draft and Split into groups according to the results. 

Once you have moved the livestock into their target paddocks you can edit their details and add a Management Tag according to their pregnancy status. 

Type in Drys, Singles, Twins or Triplets into the Management Tag field and click Save.

This Management tag can be used to filter through records and reports to quickly obtain total numbers of each group and where they are on the farm.

Happy scanning! 

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