Preparing for Lamb or Calf marking season?

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A Marking record is the best way to create new lamb or calf groups within the mob management platform in AgriWebb. If you are using the individual management platform and need to record birth records, please review this article instead.

Marking will link maternal livestock to their offspring and the offspring can easily be split based on their sex. A marking percentage automatically populates in the Fertility Report, to give you a comprehensive look into your natural increase.

New lambs and calves can then be managed in the same way as other livestock within AgriWebb.

Creating a Marking Record

Only the following age classes can be marked in AgriWebb:


  • Cows

  • Heifers 

  • Heifer Weaners


  • Ewes 

  • Ewe Weaners

  • Ewe Hoggets

To change livestock's Age Class, check out this article on how to Edit Livestock Details. If these animals are lambs or calves you can apply a weaning record to them instead. For more information on this see our Weaning article.

Create a Marking record on the Mobile App by selecting the Map and pressing on the Livestock option. 

Select the livestock group you wish to mark, then click on View Details. 

From here, press More at the bottom-right of the screen and then hit Mark.

If you have multiple livestock groups in this paddock, then you will be asked if you would like to mark all maternal livestock, or just the selected livestock. If you choose to mark all maternal livestock, then a list of these groups will display underneath.

Split Lambs and Calves based on sex

If you sex your lambs or calves at marking you are given the option to split them when creating the record. If you don’t do this until weaning, you can group them as a single livestock group. You will have another opportunity to split them within the weaning record later in the season.

Continue reading to learn how to split and move these livestock.

Ensure that Create a single group is not selected.

Set the size of each livestock group and press Save. Once you are finished, Draft & Split your new livestock to move them into other paddocks.

Fertility Report

Your fertility report lets you assess your productivity and natural increase across the season. For the marking percentage to be visible in your Fertility report, you must have created marking records previously. 

The fertility report organises your joining, scanning, marking and weaning records by maternal breed, age-class and tag colour.

For accurate reporting, select a period which spans from joining to weaning. To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

Now that you know how to create a Marking Record in AgriWebb, learn how to smash through your Weaning.

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