What is reporting?

Reports are automatically generated as soon as you create records. The details in each of these records are added to your reports, giving you a comprehensive insight into your operation. 

Reports calculate your totals for you so you can forget about using your calculator or creating lengthy financial documents. Livestock Gross Margin, Paddock/Livestock Cost of Production, Livestock Reconciliation Report as well as much more, are all available from our Web App. 

Save time preparing for your next audit! Develop a comprehensive look into your farm’s current position or review and print exact chemical records for your auditor; all from the Reports tab. 

What reports are there and how do I access them?

Reports are available from our Web App. If you are not logged in, log in using your email and password.  

Click on Reports from the left navigation panel

This will bring you to the following list of reports. 

Analysing reports

All of the reports are easily customisable to your needs so that you can extract the exact information you need. Here are some simple tips and tricks to customise, group and filter your reports.

Filter Reports

If you only wish to see certain records and their totals, we make it easy to simplify your report. Use the Filter all columns box at the top of the page as a search bar for keywords. Now only record items with the selected word will be shown.

Note: This will also adjust the Total at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Customise Columns

Vary the level of detail on your reports by Adding or Removing columns on your report by clicking Customise Columns. 

Select or unselect the following values to show or hide columns in your report. 

Press Save to view your customised report.

Group Records

Grouping records generates a subtotal and title column for a specific group within your reports. Customise your reports to view totals for your livestock, age class, tag colour and more to get a better idea of the cost and performance of each group within your operation.

For example, by clicking No grouping and selecting livestock from the drop-down Menu, your report will now be organised by livestock name.

Adjust the Date Range

Want to see only records from last month, last financial year or between a specific date range? 

Just click on the Date range box at the top of a report and customise the dates by using the Calendar tool to view records from any time period. We have a few options preset for quick access!


From any report, click the Print button. Select whether you would like to Print as table or Print record list depending on your requirements.


To export a report as a .csv file, simply click Export. This will download the report to your computer. This file can now be opened and edited in Excel.

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