Livestock Reconciliation Report

Track your livestock from when they enter the farm until their death or sale

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The Livestock Reconciliation report consolidates all key management events for your livestock as they move through your operation. You can track livestock from the moment they enter the farm from purchase/bred records through to either their death or sale. 

This gives you a comprehensive look at your starting and closing figures, letting you look back and reconcile your current figures as well as give your auditor a glimpse of your operations for the year.

Access the Report

From the Reports tab on the Web App, click on Livestock Reconciliation report. 

livestock reconciliation button

This report includes all movement and management changes to the livestock from starting, all the way through to closing figures. Filter the report, change the date range or customise the columns to view specific livestock information for deeper analysis. 

Any Recount records on livestock will appear in the Edits column. 

livestock reconciliation chart

Quick Tip: Select No grouping and split the report into Age classes to see subtotals for the different management groups within your operation. Make sure you try out the other grouping options to get the most out of your reports analysis. To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

Moved In/Out Columns

The Moved In and Moved Out columns in the Livestock Reconciliation report display a + or - count based on the head count of a singular mob moved in or out of a paddock. It is best to customise your columns and turn on the Paddock column if you would like to review the Moved In/Out columns.

You can also Print or Export this report to manipulate it further.

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