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View your total stocking rate and paddock stocking rate

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Within AgriWebb, your stocking rate will be calculated based upon your chosen animal units per hectare/acre of arable area. 

This means inputting animal unit values will be required before you can start accurately reporting your stocking rate. In AgriWebb you are able to choose between Dry Sheep Equivalent, Livestock Units and Adult Equivalent as your preferred standard measurement unit. Check out our full guide to Animal Units to learn how to select the default unit for your operation. 

Stocking Rate Calculation 

There are two important factors in our stocking rate calculation: 

  1. Arable Area of paddocks is used for calculation (not Total Area)

  2. Paddock Grazing state is considered (Cropping paddocks will not be included in the calculation)

pasture state records dropdown

Review your paddocks from the Web App to ensure accuracy of your stocking rate. Make sure you check out our full guide to Editing a Paddock, to learn how to update your paddock details.

Viewing Stocking Rate

Stocking Rate can be viewed in various places across the Mobile App and Web App. 

Mobile App 

  • Farm Summary

  • Paddock Overview

  • Paddock Summary

Web App

The two most common of these are from the Farm Summary in the Mobile App and Dashboard from the Web App. Keep reading to learn how to access this information.

1. Farm Summary

On the Mobile App, open the Home tab, select More details to the right of Farm Summary.

farm summary reporting by livestock type

This will take you to the Farm Summary page, from here you can view your Total Stocking Rate.

stocking rate report summary in livestock tracking app

2. Dashboard

From the Web App, the Stocking Rate can be viewed from the Dashboard. Access the Dashboard by clicking on your Farm Name.

stocking rate view button

You can view how your Stocking Rate has changed over time from the Timeline dashboard. Hover your mouse over any part of the graph to view the data points. 

stocking rate chart in livestock management tool

DSE Load by Paddock Report

View the stocking rate for each paddock as well as the change across each month in the DSE load by paddock report. From the Web App, select Reports from the left navigation panel. 

reports button

Select DSE load by paddock report 

dse load by paddock icon

Your starting, closing, average and average per month stocking rate is shown for each of your paddocks.  At the top of the page toggle across to view your stocking rate as either (DSE/ha), (ha/DSE), (DSE/ha/100mm) or the Cumulative Stocking Load.

dse load by paddock chart

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting

More Helpful Links

Check out our guides to Grazing Planning and Feed On Offer to develop full pasture and livestock nutritional management. 

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