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Paddock Grazing Intensity Report

View you paddock grazing intensity

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* For the purposes of this article, we are using DSE as our animal unit rating example, but you can choose which ever unit rating you wish through your farm settings.

* Check out our full guide to Animal Units to learn how to select the default unit for your operation.

You can view your reports in your Web App. Click on the Reports button in the left-navigational panel.

reports button

Click on Paddock Grazing Intensity in the Livestock section.

text reading paddock grazing intensity

This information can be useful when tied in with your AE / LSU / DSE Load by Paddock report.

Now that we understand what the load is in that paddock for certain times of the year, we also want to understand how long that paddock has been grazed.

The paddock grazing intensity report shows the total days grazed, total days empty and grazing percentage for the period you have specified. It will also show you the cumulative stock loads in AE / DSE Days total as well as AE / DSE days per hectare.

Having this historical information allows you to make decisions for the future. Understanding how heavily a paddock was grazed, through specific time periods, varying seasonal conditions, and how it recovered, will allow you to plan how to utilise it in the future.

grazing intensity report

*Grazing Percentage (%) = Days Grazed / Total Days During the Grazing Period

For information on customising your reports see our Reporting article.

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