Animal units are used to record your stocking rates and grazing load on pasture. AgriWebb allows selection between:

  • Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE)
    Based on a 2 year old 45 kg Merino sheep (wether or non-lactating, non-pregnant ewe) at maintenance.
    1 DSE = 7.6 MJ ME/day

  • Adult Equivalent (AE)
    Based on a 450 kg Bos taurus steer at maintenance, 2.25 years of age, and walking 7 km each day.
    1 AE = 72.6 MJ ME/day

  • Livestock Units (LSU)
    Based on a 650 kg dairy cow producing 3000 kg of milk annually.
    1 LSU = 124.9 MJ ME/day

You can update your animal unit selection on either the Mobile App or Web App. The option is set per farm.

Mobile App

On the Menu tab select Settings

In the Units of Measurement section, tap Animal Units to select between the available options.

Web App

Select Account from the navigation, and then click Farm Management

Find your farm in the table, and from the Edit dropdown select Preferences

A window will pop up allowing you to select from the animal unit options.

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