DSE is used within AgriWebb to calculate your Stocking Rate and grazing load on pasture. DSE is used uniformly across AgriWebb as a standard for measuring the energy requirements of livestock.

1 DSE is equivalent to a 2 year old 45kg Merino sheep (whether or non-lactating, non-pregnant ewe) at maintenance. A 500kg dry crow/steer is equivalent to 8 DSE.

1 DSE = 7.6 MJ ME/day.

If you do not use DSE as standard for your operation, AgriWebb allows you to select between different animal units. You are able to choose between DSE, LSU and AE. Check out our article on Animal Units to learn more.

Updating DSE

Mobile App

From the Mobs tab, select the mob to update it’s DSE.

Tap & Hold the DSE box and update your DSE figure.

Web App

Updating multiple mob’s DSE values is much easier from the Web App. Firstly, select the Livestock tab.

Select mobs by ticking the boxes to the left and click Update selected mobs’ DSE from the top right.

Enter the DSE value and press Save.

Source for DSE definition:


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