Feed Allocation

Learn how the amount and cost of feeding is allocated to your livestock

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When livestock are fed within AgriWebb the cost and amount of feed are allocated based upon their Animal Units. In AgriWebb you are able to choose between Dry Sheep Equivalent, Livestock Units and Adult Equivalent as your preferred standard measurement unit. Check out our full guide to Animal Units to learn how to select the default unit for your operation. 

For example, when feeding two bales to a bull and ram weaner groups in the same paddock, the cost as well as the total amount fed will be split based upon their DSE/LSU/AE. This is the most accurate way to record a feed record and determines the Cost and Cost / Head ($).

Note: 0.13 bales of hay has been fed to the Bull and the remainder 1.88 bales to the Ram Weaners. 

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