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Farm Map Insights
Farm Map Insights

Use the farm map Insights to filter and view your livestock and paddock information.

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When creating your paddocks, you will have completed details such as Crop Type, Pasture State, Stocking Rate and Feed on Offer.

Sorting through this information can be tricky at times, so to make it easier we have created Farm Insights! You can access these on both the Web and Mobile App.

  • User Defined Colours - Set up your own colour scheme to use on your farm. (Web Only)

  • Paddock Outlines - Only shows outline of paddocks to more easily see satellite imaging. (Web Only)

  • Paddock Usage - Colour codes based on four categories: Cropping, Hay, Grazing, Withholding.

  • Crop Type - Colour coded by the crop or pasture type.

  • Grazing Days Remaining - Number of grazing days left.

  • Feed on Offer - Feed available for stock (kg DM/Ha) within a given paddock.

  • Pasture Growth Rate - Daily growth of dry matter of pasture per hectare/acre.

  • Stocking Rate - Stocking rate (DSE/Ha) within a given paddock.

  • Days Empty - Total number of days a paddock has been empty in past six months. (Web Only)

  • Days Since Last Grazed - Number of days since stock were last in a paddock.

Mobile App

Tap Map and then Settings (Cog wheel in the grey toolbar).

Tap the blue CHANGE button next to Default Map.

Tap the blue eye Icon to view the map key.

Tap Change Insight to view a new insight. Either select Clear or choose the Default Map insight to exit this view.

Web App

Select Farm Map from the left navigation bar. Click the blue Insights button.

Select the filter you would like to see. Your farm map will display the relevant data in a visual way, for example, Crop Type, as described by the legend at the bottom of the map.

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