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Mobile App Navigation

Navigating your Mobile App

Updated over a week ago

Your mobile app will become your main tool for entering in all your records. This article runs you through the basics of the app.

You will see the Navigation Panel at the bottom of your app screen:


The Home button takes you to your farm breakdown. Select More Details to bring up your Farm Summary page.

Switch between Livestock and Paddocks summaries by tapping on the tabs. Your total DSE, Stocking Rate as well as Livestock and Paddock summary information is displayed here.


You can find the Livestock, Paddock and Tasks map all in one place. Tap on the Map tab from the navigation panel at the bottom of your screen. 

Note: You can change your default map view from settings.

You are able to toggle between these maps at the top of the page by tapping Livestock, Paddocks or Tasks.

Select the mechanical cog to adjust your filters for each map.


To access your livestock list, just select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Select Mob List. This will display a list of all of your livestock. Filter or group your livestock from the drop-down lists below the search bar.


Access your task list by selecting the Tasks button.


Here’s a quick guide to the features behind each collection:


  • Farm Summary

  • Farm Notes

  • Mob List

  • Individual Animals

  • Task List

  • Paddock

  • Landmarks

  • Farm Map Editor



  • Feed

  • Animal Treatments

  • Paddock Treatments

  • Fertiliser

Livestock Movements

  • AgriWebb Transfers

  • Sales

  • Government Registrations

Rainfall Records


Hardware Connections


  • Help Centre

  • Agriwebb Academy

  • Contact Support

  • Send Diagnostic Data

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