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Make farm, paddock, livestock, task and landmark notes from the Mobile App

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Record additional information under the notes tab to enhance records and keep your team up-to-date. Follow this guide to learn how to add a note to your farms, livestock, paddocks, tasks and landmarks on the Mobile App. 

Livestock (Mob)

Select between the Livestock, Paddocks and Tasks tab on the Map on the Mobile App. From the Livestock/Paddock tab select the specific livestock/paddock, press View Details, then Notes at the top-right. 

text reading 'notes'

Select the Add a note box to start leaving your note. When you are finished press Save Note.

notes section

The note information can be viewed or edited at any point from the Notes tab. The author of the note, the date it was written and the note itself will also be displayed. 

Paddock Notes

Select a paddock, and navigate to the History tab.

example of paddock notes field

Click Add note

add notes button

Type in your note and click Save note. This note will now appear in the paddock history.

Use the paddock history filters to filter for notes.

paddock details and notes

Task Notes 

Select a task by tapping on it. This will bring you to its summary page.

Press Add Note blue link to be prompted to leave your note. 

task notes field

When you are finished, press Save note.

Landmark Notes

Select a landmark by tapping on it. This will bring you to its summary page.

Press Add Note blue link OR the button in the bottom right to be prompted to leave your note.

landmark notes in livestock software

When you are finished, press Save note.

Livestock (Individuals)

Navigate to the livestock page and open an individual animals information page. On this screen you will see a button to Add Note at the bottom left.

animal detail notes

This will then open a text box where you can enter and save any note information.

single animal notes

This information will then be visible in the animals history page.

animal tracking notes


Select Home on the Mobile App. Tap on More details above Farm Summary.

farm summary image

Select Notes > Add a note

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