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Easily see the notes you've made against your animals all in one place!

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The notes report allows you to view all the notes you have made against your individual animals.

Head to reports using the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the web app:

image reading 'reports'

Select 'Note records' under the production section:

icon reading 'note record'

The notes report table shows you all the notes you've added within a time frame. You can alter the time frame at the top and customize the table to show more/less animal information.

Use the search box to quickly find the notes you are looking for, this will filter through the notes and show you records that match up with what you search. For example, if you search 'Lame' it would bring up the 3 lame ones listed below.

You can also add a note record from here, by pressing the green 'Record Note' button in the top right.

Note Report

You can click on each note to view the summary, where you can edit or delete if needed, and view the animal the note was recorded against.

note relating to a single animal

If you would like more information on customising your notes report, you can see our article on Reporting.

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