AgriWebb Farm Calendar

An overview of the AgriWebb Farm Calendar

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Using the Farm Calendar

The AgriWebb Calendar allows you to visualize farm activity and livestock records all in one place.

With the Calendar you can keep track of tasks, farm notes, rainfall records and livestock records while also having the ability to create, edit, delete and manage events.

The Calendar can be accessed from both the Mobile App and the Web App.

Using the Calendar on the Mobile app.

From the Mobile App navigate to Menu and then Calendar.

Here you will see an overview of the month. You can view, edit and delete events and manage your farm events in this section.

Click on a particular day to see tasks, farm notes, rainfall records and livestock records for that day. On the lower half of the screen you will see a detailed overview of the events for that day.

Farm notes are farm level notes, no individual notes or record notes are visible via the Calendar.

To create a new event, click on the green plus button in the bottom right, and select the event you want to create.

You can plan tasks and add farm notes for future events on farm by clicking on a day in the future and adding a task/note.

You cannot create livestock records into the future. We recommend using farm notes to forward plan these activities.

When creating a task you can add an assignee, priority and due date from the Calendar. To learn more about Tasks, click here.

Operating the Calendar on the Web app.

The Calendar on the Web App operates similarly to the Mobile however, on Web you have the option of a month view or a week view.

You can create events, by clicking ‘Create’ in the top right corner, choosing the event you would like to create; Rainfall Record, Individual Record, Task or Farm Note.

When creating any event from the Calendar, you can still adjust the date selected.

You cannot create livestock records in the future.


You have a filtering option to help you focus in and find an event or record you are looking for, or filter down by team member using Users. This is available on both the Mobile App and Web App.

You can reset all filters using the ‘Reset’ button.

Date Picker

Use the date picker to easily find a date in your Calendar. You can use the arrow buttons to filter through months or, click on the month to choose a different month or year.

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