Create rainfall records and view rainfall reports

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Track your property's rainfall in real-time by creating records in the Mobile App. When synced, this data will show on the Web App. This enables you to track rainfall on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. 

This guide will demonstrate how to create rainfall records, access historical records and switch default rain gauges from the Mobile App as well as view your Rainfall Reports on the Web App. 

Place a Rain Gauge on your map just like other landmarks. See 'Add Area, Infrastructure and Landmarks to your Farm Map' to learn more. 

Create Rainfall Records

Mobile App

From the Home tab, tap the + button in the Rainfall section.

Fill in the Date and Rainfall then select the Rain Gauge

To view the complete record, select Go to records from the Menu tab. This will bring you to the Rainfall Summary. Press Switch Rain Gauge to see records of alternate rain gauges. 

To view the exact rainfall per month tap on the corresponding bar on the graph.

Note: Select a rainfall record to Edit or Delete the record.

Web App

To add a rainfall record from the Web App, click the Reports tab and select either Rainfall by gauge or the Rainfall records report.

Click Add rainfall record and fill out the required details. When you are finished press Save

These records can be edited or deleted from the Rainfall Records report.

Rainfall Summary Calculation

The rainfall summary and all other totals on the Mobile App are calculated based upon the highest recorded rainfall value for that particular day. If you record rainfall across more than one rain gauge, or create two rainfall records on the same day these will not be included in the summary calculations.

Change Default Rain Gauge

If rainfall is tracked across multiple rain gauges but you are responsible for a single rain gauge, set the rain gauge as your default to pre-select it when adding new rainfall records and viewing rainfall summary.

From the Menu tab, select Settings.

Select Default Rain Gauge to select a specific gauge.

Rainfall Reports

There are two rainfall reports that are automatically generated when you record rainfall. 

1. Rainfall by gauge

View rainfall across your property by comparing gauges

2. Rainfall records

An overall list of rainfall events recorded.

You can also Print or Export each of these reports. 

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