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Add Area, Infrastructure and Landmarks to your Farm Map
Add Area, Infrastructure and Landmarks to your Farm Map

Add Buildings, Infrastructure, Water, Vegetation & Areas to your Farm Map

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You can add areas, infrastructures and landmarks, adjust or extend paddock fence lines and move landmarks around your farm.

These are the markers you can add:

icons for adding attributes


  • Feedlot

  • Laneway

  • Pen

  • Vegetation 

  • Yard

Animals can be moved to any of these above areas (now including laneways and vegetation). Note: Areas created prior to March 2020 cannot have animals added to them. To resolve this, simply delete that area and draw it out with our new tools.

Grazing Days Remaining and Food on Offer records are not applicable to these areas.

Note: Adding vegetation within a paddock won't deduct their area from the total paddock area. You can edit the details of a paddock to adjust the arable/grazable area to account for the vegetation.


  • Bore

  • Dam

  • Drain

  • Pipeline

  • Pump

  • Rain Gauge (You need rain gauges to add rainfall records) 

  • Solar Pump

  • Tap

  • Water Tank

  • Water Channel

  • Water Trough

  • Windmill


  • Electric Fence

  • First Aid

  • Gate

  • Generator

  • Power Line

  • Road

  • Solar Panel

  • Feeder


  • Bait

  • Death pit

  • Hazard

  • Hazard Area


  • Building

  • Chemical Shed

  • Hay Shed 

  • Silo

    To create area's, infrastructure or landmarks on the Mobile app, follow this article:
    Farm map editor

    From the Web app, See the below steps to add markers around your property:

    Select  Farm Map from the left navigation panel. Click Add.

Select the feature you would like to include on the map. For area's, draw the perimeter on the map or for infrastructure, click the desired location on the map. 

Once the marker location is selected, or the area has been drawn, a page will appear to enter details for the new map feature. Enter the details, such as the Name, Description, colour, or size. Select Save.

To edit, delete or move the marker, click on the newly created marker, and you would see the below screen. This allows you to edit the details or move the marker.

example rain gauge notes

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