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Farm Map Editor

Build your farm map on the go!

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Building your Farm Map from your Mobile App is simple!

Add new paddocks and landmarks, adjust or extend paddock fence lines and move landmarks around your farm. 

Launch the editor in two ways:

  • Select Menu > Farm > Farm Map Editor 

  • From the Map tab select Paddocks from the toolbar at the top of your screen and then select the green pencil icon

edit paddock map


Add New Features to Your Farm

Add new paddocks and landmarks to your farm by tapping the + button floating in the bottom right corner of the map. 

Tapping the Landmark, Pivot, Lots or Paddock icon will launch the feature picker.

farm mapping options

The Landmark window lists all of the available landmarks you can add sorted into categories. Selecting the feature will launch the map add mode.

add feature to farm map

Note: When adding an Area feature like vegetation or a laneway it won't deduct their area from the total paddock area. You can edit the details of a paddock and adjust the arable/grazable area to account for the area feature.

Creating a Point Feature

  1. Tap on the + button to see the creation options. 

  2. Tapping Infrastructure, Water, Building or Area icon will launch the feature picker.

  3. Select a point type feature e.g. a Rain Gauge

  4. The editor will change to "Add" point mode and you will see a target appear in the middle of your screen, along with the marker for the feature you are adding.

  5. Drag the map to reposition the target over the desired location. 

  6. When the desired location is found tap on Place Rain Gauge to select the location and the details form will appear. 

  7. Enter a name and select a colour for the new feature and then tap Save. If you want to add another feature of the same type tap Save & Add Another to create the new feature. Return to the maps add mode to place another feature of the same type.

The add mode will look like this:

adding rain gauge to farm map

Drag the map and place the target over the desired location. Then tap the Place button.

using GPS on farm map

Using GPS to Position a Landmark

If you are currently on farm then you can make use of your device GPS capabilities to help you place landmarks in the correct location. Tap to add the landmark. While in edit mode tap on the My Location button to reposition the target to your current GPS location. Your location will be highlighted by a blue dot.

Tap the Place button to create the landmark at that location. 

Long press to create landmarks

Tap and hold your finger on the map to create a landmark at that location. Pick from the menu of available landmarks and on selection the landmark will be created at the desired location.  

Creating Paddock, Area and Line Features

  1. Tap on the + button to see the creation options. 

  2. Select Paddock to create a new paddock on your farm. Creating vegetation areas, pipelines and electric fences will have the same editor experience.

  3. The editor will change to "Add" area mode and you will see a target appear in the middle of your screen, along with the marker for the feature you are adding. At the bottom of the screen you will see 3 buttons: Add, Undo and Save. Initially only the add button will be enabled. 

  4. Drag the map to reposition the target to the paddock fence line you will draw. To start its easiest to target a corner fence post. 

  5. Tap the Add button to set down the first point in your paddock. 

  6. Drag the map again and move the target along a straight portion of the fence. The fence line will appear from the first point to the target and you should align this to your fence line. 

  7. When you reach another post on the fence line tap the Add button again to set another point. 

  8. Continue adding points around the entire paddock. After you add your third point you will start seeing a preview of the paddock. When the preview covers the paddock you can tap Save to complete the paddock. 

  9. If at anytime you make a mistake adding a point tap the Undo button to remove the last point you added. 

  10. After you save, the paddock details page will appear, and the total area of the paddock will be autofilled. Tap Save to add the paddock to your farm or tap Save & add another to save the paddock to your farm and return to the add paddock mode.

Add points along the paddocks fence line.

creating a farm map

As you add points a preview of the paddock will be shown

add paddock in farm mapping tool

Snapping to Existing Fence Lines

One of the features of the area drawing tool is the ability to snap to fence lines of paddocks that you have previously drawn. This makes it much easier to neatly draw paddocks next to each other. 

The snap to is controlled by the magnet button in the bottom right hand side of the map. When enabled the target point will snap to the nearest fence line as the centre target approaches it. 

add fence lines to farm map

Tap on the magnet to turn off snap to. The target point will then return to always be directly under the centre target.

how to create a farm map

Editing an Existing Feature

Tapping on an existing paddock or landmark will launch the actions menu. The title of the feature will be displayed along with all the possible actions that can be performed. Tap on the X or the map the close the menu.

editing features in farm maps

To change the properties of a paddock or landmark tap on the Edit Details button. 

Tap on the Edit Shape button to enter edit mode for the map editor.  From here you can extend a paddock boundary fence, move existing points or remove them. For point landmarks the button will be labeled Move Landmark

Tap on the Delete button to remove the feature from your farm.  

Changing the Shape of a Paddock 

When editing an existing paddock or area landmark you can perform the following actions. 

change the shape of a paddock

Editing an Existing Point

editing a pasture map

With a point selected two actions will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Remove Point will immediately delete that point from the paddock.

Drag the map to reposition the selected point. Once it is in the desired location tap on the Save button to update the paddock immediately. 

To unselect the point tap on Cancel in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Extending a Paddock with New Points

Tap on the Extend button to enter add point mode. Similar to drawing a new paddock, position the centre target at the location you wish to add a new point. Tap Add to set the position of the new point. The existing fence line will extend to include this new point.  

extending a paddock

Drag the map to reposition the new point. Tap Add again to start placing another new point, and again drag the map to reposition the new point in the desired location.  

changing a paddock map

Once all the new points have been added tap on the Save button the update the paddock and farm map. 

Remember to zoom in have finer control over the positioning of the new points. 

shape icon in farm mapping tool

Tap on the zoom to paddock button in the bottom right hand side of the screen to bring all the paddock points back onto screen.

Map Editor Settings

Tap on the map settings button located at the top right hand corner of the map. On Android devices the settings button will appear below the My Location button when GPS is enabled. 

editing a pasture map

Control the visibility of landmarks, whether GPS tracking is enabled and whether snap to is enabled in the map edit mode.

Map editing on the Web App

When you are back on your computer you can add, edit and delete paddocks, landmarks in the AgriWebb Web App. See Drawing a Paddock for details.

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