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Farmbot (Ranchbot) Remote Water Monitoring Integration
Farmbot (Ranchbot) Remote Water Monitoring Integration

Remotely monitor your water levels within AgriWebb via the Farmbot integration.

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Farmbot (Ranchbot for US customers) is a remote water monitoring software that can save time, money and resources through remotely keeping track of water levels, leaks, flow rates and usage trends for tanks, troughs and channels across your property. 

The integration with Farmbot allows you to visualise your rainfall and current tank levels from the within AgriWebb.

If you would like to connect your Farmbot devices to AgriWebb, head to the AgriWebb Marketplace and follow the steps outlined here to enable the connection.

Configure Your Water Tanks

Once the integration has been setup, the last step is to review and confirm the settings on the tank icon from your end.

On the Web App navigate to the Farm Map and select the tank icon.

Select Edit Details and add values to the Full capacity, Warning level and Critical level fields.

Select Save and setup is now complete.

Rain Gauges

Rain gauges will not need configuring and readings can be accessed from the Farm Map on the Mobile App.

Feel free to visit the Farmbot website here.

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