Agbot Remote Water Monitoring Integration

Connect your Agbot water monitoring devices to AgriWebb

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Agbot Integration

Agbot’s liquid level sensors provides timely level information on water tanks, diesel tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks, dams, irrigation and troughs, enabling you to make informed decisions about on-farm liquid usage and management.

For information on how to connect your Agbot Liquid Level Monitors please use

The AgriWebb & Agbot integration allows you to visualise your Agbot water tank, rain gauge and trough levels monitors on your AgriWebb map. Updates are then sent from the Agbot sensors to your corresponding tanks and troughs in AgriWebb.

water monitoring report

Configure Your Water Tanks and Troughs

Once you have been notified that the integration has been setup, the last step is to review and confirm the settings on the landmark icons in AgriWebb.

On the Web App navigate to the Farm Map and select the tank/trough icon.

Select Edit Details and add values to the Full capacity, Warning level and Critical level fields.

Select Save and setup is now complete.

You can visit the Agbot website for contact information and more detail.

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