Farmo Remote Water Monitoring Intgeration

Connect your Farmo water monitoring devices to AgriWebb

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Farmo Integration Overview

The Farmo Water Tank Level Monitor will measure and report the depth of water in your tank every 4 hours. Farmo's 'Water Rat' is the world's easiest tank and trough water sensor to setup on the market.

For information on how to connect your Farmo sensors please use

The AgriWebb & Farmo integration allows you to visualise your Farmo tank & trough level monitors on your AgriWebb map. Updates are sent from the Farmo tank and trough sensors to your corresponding tanks in AgriWebb.

water tank reporting

Your Water Rat Tank & Trough Monitors

With your farmo Water Rat's you can move the sensor from tank to tank or trough to trough.

The Water Rat reports 100cm when Upright and 0cm when Tilted Over.

Always leave the Full Capacity setting at 100cm.

For control of your sensor alerts, log in to your Farmo dashboard at and follow the normal procedure.

The custom names for farmo water tank monitors and Water Rats will not, yet, sync across to AgriWebb. You can alter them by selecting Edit Details on your sensor in AgriWebb and adjusting the name.

Configure Your Water Tanks

Once you have been notified that the integration has been setup, the last step is to review and confirm the settings on the tank icon from your end.

On the Web App navigate to the Farm Map and select the tank icon.

Select Edit Details and add values to the Full capacity, Warning level and Critical level fields.

Select Save and setup is now complete.
Get in touch with the Farmo Team here or view their help videos here.

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