Record your livestock births to track the event and register offspring in your system.

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

Select Birth Record

Complete all the relevant fields of the Birth Record form. These include:

  • Date of birth¬†

  • Birth dam details which must be selected from your animals in AgriWebb.

  • Offspring details, including their gender, whether they were still-born, and their identifier if tagged.¬†

  • Costs associated with the birth.

Offspring Identifiers
You can record a visual identifier for each offspring through manual entry or by scanning a tag with a Bluetooth enabled stick reader or similar device. In order to record and EID for the animal a tag must be scanned.

To scan a tag, tap the Select input method field and then select Scan tag from the menu.

If you need to connect your Bluetooth stick reader or similar, tap the Connect hardware button on the next page. Read more about hardware connections.

Scan a tag to select that tag's EID, and enter the Visual identifier manually.

Advanced Form Fields

Additional birth details can be recorded by clicking the settings cog at the top of the screen and selecting Advanced. These include paternity details for sire and surrogacy, birthing difficulty, any assistance required, and other birth scores. Note that the exact fields shown depend on the country of your farm and the species of animal.

If you have recored the sire details as part of a joining record, artificial insemination record or scanning record we will present you with the list of possible sires. Options are sorted by how close they are to the estimated fetal age, and if it is within 2 weeks the closest sire is selected.

Additional costs can be entered by selecting Add additional cost at the bottom of the form. This can be used for labour and other additional costs. You may record as many of these costs as required.

Once the details are complete tap Save to record the birth. The new offspring will be displayed in your individual animal list. The record is shown in the History of the individuals (dam and offspring). From the history you can review and edit the record.

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