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Management Tags

Management Tags make it simple to add a personalised characteristic to livestock

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Management Tags are designed to make livestock management even easier. Whether you're drafting by pregnancy status or weight range, Management Tags are the right tool for the job. 

Using Predefined Management Tags

With this feature enabled you will select from your list of tags ensuring consistent tagging across all mobs. If you want to add tags with the free text option, do not enable this feature.

Enable the predefined management tag list

On the Web App, select Account from the left navigation panel and then Farm Management. Click the Edit dropdown next to your farm name and select Settings.

Navigate to the Mob Management Tags tab.

mob grouping options

Check the “Use predefined management tags” box.

Adding pre-defined management tags

Continuing on the Web App, to add a new tag, type the tag name into the text box and click Add. Once you have finished adding tags click Save to save your tags.

Now when you Add a new mob or replace the tags of an existing mob you can select from a drop-down list of tags instead of an empty text field. Note: If you are using the free text option this drop-down list will not appear. Rather the management tag field will be free to enter your chosen text.

Web App:

Mobile App:

How do I use Management Tags once they are created? 

Once you have added a Management Tag to livestock, you will notice it is now present on the Mob Details summary on either the Mobile or Web App.

When selecting mobs for a record, use the By Selected option to group by Management Tag.

You can use your Management Tags to filter and find mobs within your reports. Use the Filter All Columns field to search for your tag of choice or use the drop down Group By field to group by Management Tags. See our article on Reporting for further information of customising your reports.

Management Tags will be considered when merging livestock. See our article on Merging Livestock for more.

Deleting Management Tags

To remove a management tag from a mob, you will need to create a Remove Tag record, do this by selecting the mob from your livestock list and pressing Add Records. Through creating records you can also Replace existing tags or Add new tags.

Predefined Tags

You can delete tags from your list by unticking the checkbox next to them and pressing the Delete button. Note: Deleting tags will remove them from your list, but it will not remove them from your mobs. The only way to change the management tag of a mob is to edit that mob directly and select No Tag.

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