Management Tags are designed to make livestock management even easier. Whether you're trying to separate your Singles, Twins and Drys, or you just want to identify the livestock you are managing in the same way, Management Tags are the right tool for the job. 

Adding a Management Tags is really simple and can be done directly from Edit Livestock details on the AgriWebb Mobile app or Edit Details on livestock from the AgriWebb website. 

Mobile App

Web App

How do I use Management Tags once they are created? 

Once you have added a Management Tag to livestock, you will notice the Management Tag is now present on the Livestock Details tab of the Mobile App. 

This means the Management Tag is applied and only other livestock with the same Management Tag, Breed, Ear Tag Colour and Age Class can merge with this group. 

How do see Management Tags in reports? 

It's really easy, just head to your Livestock Report in the AgriWebb website and you will notice a Management Tag column that you can filter.

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