Tagging Records (Mob)

Add, replace and remove tags from mobs with tagging records

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We have made changes to the way tagging records are done.

Before the update

  • You had the option to set an ear tag colour and a management tag on the mob when creating them.

  • Changing an ear tag colour or management tag on a mob required you to edit their details and select another option.

After the update

  • We have introduced three new records - Add tag, replace tag and remove tag.

  • In addition to management tags, we have introduced Herd/Flock Tags that replace ear tag colours.

  • You will no longer edit the mob details to make changes, instead you will use the new tagging records.

Handy Tips

  • You can now update your mobs in bulk rather than one by one.

  • You can backdate tagging changes to ensure accurate livestock inventory and reconciliation.

  • You can use the new tagging records on both the Mobile or Web app.

Types of Tags

Herd Tag / Flock Tag
A physical plain coloured tag used for group identification. e.g year of birth or lot.

A herd tag is used for cattle and a flock tag is used for sheep. Mobs need the same tag(s) to be merged.

Management tag
A non-physical grouping tag for reporting and day to day management. Mobs need the same management tag(s) to be merged.

Adding Tags

To add a tag to existing mobs:

Select the mob from your mob list

Select Add Records

Select Tag from the list of records

In the Mobs section, you will be able to adjust the date picker and select one or multiple mobs to tag

In the Tag section you will be able to choose whether you would like to add a Management Tag and/or a Herd/ Flock Tag.

If adding a management tag, you can set up pre-set management tags to ensure a faster process. To learn how to do this, see below:

Alternatively, you could create an ad hoc management tag.

If you are creating a Herd Tag, you will be able to select the tag colour and optionally add a tag description.

Note - Multiple Herd and Management Tags can be assigned to mobs in a single record

Replacing Tags

Replacing tags allows for mob tags to change in line with how they are altered on farm through different lifecycle or production stages. This can be useful for merging mobs, where the prerequisite for any mobs to be merged together is for them to have the same tag/s.

To re-tag existing mobs:

Select the mob from your mob list

Select Add Records

Select Replace Tag.

You can adjust the date picker, and select just one or multiple mobs to apply the replace tag record to.

Select a Tag type to replace.

Give a reason for the change and add new tagging information for the mob.

Note - Multiple Herd and Management Tags can be replaced to mobs in a single record

Removing Tags

Removing tags allows for old tags to be removed from mobs to improve their management. Similar to the replace tag record, this will remove the old tag from the animal, but will not allow for the creation of a new tag.

To remove a tag from existing mobs:

Select the mob from your mob list

Select Add Records

Select Remove Tag.

In the remove tag record, select the tag/s that are to be removed and press save. You can also adjust the date if the tags were physically removed earlier than when the record is being created.

Note - The remove tag record can also be used for multiple mobs at a time.

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