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Northern Pastoral Management Tag Setup
Northern Pastoral Management Tag Setup

Suggestions for setting up your management tags.

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You can use your management tags all year round to help you manage and report on your livestock more precisely. See Management Tags for further information for setting up your predefined tags.

Setting Up

When setting up your mobs you can add acronyms into their management tags in order to provide more information on the mob. A few example include:

JFM- joined female
BFM- breeding female
PTIC - preg tested in calf
NBFM- non breeding female
SPFM - spayed female (neutered)

Management Tags are completely customisable. In this way you can put in whatever suits your and your business. You're also more than welcome to make up your own acronyms!

You can also use prefixes at the start of paddocks, inventory items and livestock titles as well. This can help you with distinguishing between multiple blocks on the one map. See our Prefixes article for more.


Using management tags makes filtering through your reports easier. It also allows you to gain insight into specific areas of your enterprise or business. To learn more about customising and filtering your reports see our Reporting article.

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