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How to merge livestock on the Mobile App

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Merging means combining multiple livestock groups of the same type into a single group. Merging is not automatic because when livestock are merged together, the records of both groups are also combined.

Merging multiple groups into one is only possible when the Age Class, Breed, Tag Colour, and Management Tags of the groups are the same. 

Note: for other fields, the mob being merged will take on the values of the mob they merge into (e.g. Mob Name, Description).

If merging a purchased mob with a bred mob, the mob will appear as a bred mob but the purchase records will remain in reports.

Mobile App

There are 2 ways to merge livestock on the mobile app. Selecting the Merge button under Livestock Actions or a Merge on movement.

Merge Livestock from Livestock Actions

Tap on the Livestock tab on the Map.

Tap the paddock of the livestock you are wishing to merge and select Mobs, then Mobs again.

Select the mob you wish to merge to open the Mob details, then select More from the bottom right-hand corner.

Select Merge from the Livestock Actions.

You will now see a list of all livestock across the farm that are available to merge in with.

Note: If you don’t see the merge option it means there are is no available livestock to merge in with. 

Merge on Movements 

When the target paddock has livestock with the same characteristics mentioned above then you will have the option to merge these together. 

Hold and drag the mob you wish to move into the paddock with the target mob. Select Move All Mobs or Draft/Split and the livestock available for merging show up under the heading like in the image below.

Select merge mobs in target paddock, If drafting/splitting the mob edit the number you wish to merge.

Tap Next to see a summary of which groups will be merged, and to specify the record date and the press Save

Editing livestock to enable merge

If you are having trouble merging your livestock check that all these characteristics are the same: 

  • Age Class

  • Breed 

  • Tag Colour

  • Management Tags

If these values do not match but you wish to merge livestock in order to manage them as one group, then you'll need to go in and edit all the above to match:

  1. Select the livestock you wish to edit

  2. Select View Livestock Details 

  3. Select More from the bottom right-hand corner

  4. Select Edit from the Livestock Actions

  5. In the Details page scroll down and change any of the above characteristics to match the other groups.

  6. Select Save.

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