Joining records will automatically be created when Bulls or Rams are moved into the same paddock as Cows, Heifers or Ewes.

Note: A joining record will be initiated if your ram lambs and bull calves have a weaning record applied when they are in the same paddock as their mothers. To avoid this, move those calves and lambs out of the paddock before applying your weaning records. 

On the Mobile App select the Map icon, then the Livestock tab, Drag & Drop the Bulls or Rams into the same paddock as the Cows, Heifers or Ewes.

Select Move all livestock if you want to move the entire group of Bulls/Rams otherwise press Draft / Split to select a specific number of head to move.

Adjust the Move Record date. This date will be recorded as the start of joining. This date will be recorded as the start of joining. If it is not possible to adjust this date, check out our article on our Backdating Restrictions to learn why.

Press Save

To view the joining record tap on the livestock group then press View Details > History. From the livestock history page, you can see your newly created joining record.

Your Joining Report will collate all your joining records. For more information see our Joining Report article.


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