There are many events throughout the season that contribute to your overall fertility and production. Here are the records that assist in understanding your natural increase. 

Condition Scores

Assessing and recording the condition score of your stock pre joining can be done from the Score record on the Mobile App. The Condition Score article runs through how to complete this record in detail. 


Joining records are created when a mob of sires are moved into a paddock with dams and vice versa. These can be viewed from the livestock History timeline or the Joining Report on the Web App. 


Scanning records are applied to the whole mob and you're able to see a scanning percentage calculated as you go. 

The step by step guide for scanning results can be found in our Scanning article which includes how you can draft and split the livestock by pregnancy status. 


When you are in lambing and calving seasons you can use the Marking record to create a new group of lambs/calves. This is the best way to get them into the system. 


The last piece of the fertility puzzle is completing your weaning records. This is outlined in our Weaning article. 

Once you've entered all of this information, use the Web App to view your Fertility Report and see everything in one place to assess your productivity and natural increase across the season. 

Fertility Report

Your Fertility Report allows you to analyse your productivity and natural increase. Percentages are automatically calculated based off the input of each record. 

The report organises your joining, scanning, marking and weaning records by maternal breed, age-class and tag colour. 

For accurate reporting, make sure you select a date period that spans from joining to weaning. If there is no marking record, connect a weaned group by adding a Management Tag to the maternal group and a matching Dam ID to the weaned livestock. To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

The Operational Planner is a powerful tool to help you plan joining, lambing, marking and weaning practices across the season. Dive into our article on the Operational Planner to learn more. 

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