These are the three main records that contribute to your Fertility report within AgriWebb. 

Inputting your scanning records is the first step in ensuring you have accurate fertility data. Apply a Scan record to the whole group and you'll be able to see a scanning percentage calculated. 

The step by step guide for scanning results can be found in our Scanning article which includes how you can draft and split the livestock according to pregnancy status. 

When you are in lambing and calving seasons we have the Marking record which will create a new group of lambs/calves for you. 

The last piece of the fertility puzzle is to complete your weaning records which is outlined in our Weaning article

Once you've entered all of this information into your AgriWebb account, use the Web App to view your Fertility Report and see everything in one place to assess your productivity and natural increase across the season. 

Fertility Report

Your fertility report lets you assess your productivity and natural increase across the season. For the marking percentage to be visible in your Fertility report, you must have created marking records previously. 

The fertility report organises your joining, scanning, marking and weaning records by maternal breed, age-class and tag colour.

For accurate reporting, select a period which spans from joining to weaning. If there is no marking record, connect a weaned group by adding a Management Tag to the maternal group and a matching Dam ID to the weaned livestock. To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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