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Adding livestock to your farm is simple.

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Adding livestock to your farm is easy and can be done on the AgriWebb Web App or on the Mobile App. It’s time to get cracking!

Mobile App📱

Tap the Map in the bottom toolbar. 

map icon

Select the green "+" button in the bottom right of the screen.

add pasture map icon

Select between Cattle and Sheep.

Fill in the relevant details for your new livestock group. 

  • Details: Fill in the Details section with the relevant information about your livestock, such as the Age Class and Breed. You may also give this livestock group a Management Tag to prevent them from merging with other livestock.

  • Origin: Select either Bred or Purchased and add additional information that you have about this group such as the Price Per Head.

  • Individual Tracking: Fill in additional information such as the NLIS ID, Stud Name and Brand information unique to these livestock.

add animal record in tracking tool

Press Save.

Web App 💻

Farm Map

Click on the Farm Map button in the left navigational bar.

farm map icon

Click the green Add button in the top left.

add mob button

Select Mob and then the animal type you wish to add. This will change your cursor to a "+". Click on the paddock you wish to add the animals too. 

Fill in the relevant details for your new livestock group. (Note: See above for more information on each of these sections).

add livestock mob form

Press Save.

Livestock List

You can add livestock via the Livestock List. Click Livestock.

livestock icon

Click the green Add Mob button in the top right corner. Enter mob details like before. Press Save.

Copying Existing Livestock

If you are adding many groups of livestock with similar characteristics to your farm then the copy action can help save you time. For an existing livestock group use the Copy action in both the mobile and web applications to get started. 

Mobile App📱

copy icon

Navigate to the livestock group you want to copy by locating them on the map or from the list of all livestock. Go to the details page for the group and tap on the More button. Tap on Copy to launch the add livestock dialog pre-filled with all the details of the copied livestock. Change any details and then tap Save to create the new group.

Web App 💻

You can find the copy button on the Livestock > Mobs page. Each group listed will have a Copy button in the actions column. This will launch the Add Livestock window pre-filled with all the details of the copied livestock.

*Hint: There are six fields that help you keep track of different attributes of your mobs: Breed, Age Class, Tag, Management Tag, Name & Description. When setting up your mobs, keep these fields in mind and where they will correlate to in your reports, to avoid doubling up information.

livestock reconciliation report

livestock reconciliation reporting

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