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Why is My Livestock Count Incorrect?
Why is My Livestock Count Incorrect?

If your livestock count is wrong, this could be why!

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Diagnosing Livestock Count Issues

If you find your livestock numbers do not add up correctly in your stock reconciliation or if you have conflicting records in your livestock history and discrepancies on your farm map, you are not alone!

Firstly, check with your team to see exactly what changes have been made on each device. Numbers may have been changed by team members creating records or performing a recount. If you are still unable to diagnose the cause of the issue, it may have been caused by records for the same livestock group being created on multiple devices, before they sync. 

Make sure you get in contact with our Farm Success Team, who will be happy to resolve this for you! Start a conversation by clicking the green chat button at the bottom right of your screen or email us at

Preventing this issue is simple! Please ensure that:

  • All users have their own AgriWebb login

  • If you think a teammate has forgotten to make changes on AgriWebb, check with that teammate before attempting to duplicate records

  • Devices are synced once changes are made

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