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Individual Animal Management FAQ's
Individual Animal Management FAQ's

Answers to some of your burning questions about IAM

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Records, Importing & Exporting

Q: Do you have templates for the csv imports ?

A: Yes, we have a template available in our help centre for the CSV imports.

Q: How do I create record templates?

A: Our record template help article outlines the steps for creating these.

Q: Can the information stored in an animal’s record be exported to a CSV file?

A: The data stored on animals is visible in various reports and insights that can be exported.

Q: Is it possible to upload animals and data via csv if you don't have an EID reader?

A: Yes, you can add animals manually or with a csv if you don’t have an EID reader.

Q: Can I import historical data?

A: Yes, you can import certain historical data through the csv import however some data is not currently supported. Best to speak with the team on what is possible.

Q: Are you able to see a note against individuals to flag any issues crush-side e.g lost calf or calf at foot?

A: Yes, you can record notes and observations as a record ad hoc if needed when they come through the crush.


Q: Can you filter easily e.g. to find all animals above a certain weight or of a certain pregnancy status/historical repro performance?

A: Yes, we have dynamic filters based off the data you collect on them which you can use.

Q: What analysis can you do in AgriWebb to identify animals not performing? Can you filter animals by certain characteristics?

A: Our powerful insights and reports allow you to identify weight gain and performance for each animal so you can make informed decisions on how to increase performance for those that are lagging.

Q: Does AgriWebb have the functionality to capture management costs for each animal for financial insights?
A: Yes you can capture costs with the various records and understand this at a whole farm or per head level.

Live Sessions and Hardware

Q: Can you map the pen/paddock that individuals end up in after a session?

A: Yes you can draft animals to the pens or paddocks they are in and visualise this on your farm map. Read further on this here.

Q: Do the cattle move automatically on the map after drafting?

A: During the crushside recording you can automatically draft to paddocks, however you can also apply a movement record after the fact.

Q: How do I know which combination of hardware will work for the crushside usage?

A: Review our supported hardware and make sure to speak with the team to dive into your setup further.

Q: Do I need wifi in the yards for the hardware to connect to my mobile?

A: No, the hardware devices produce their own wifi hotspot that the mobile can connect to.

Q: Do I need to upgrade any of my hardware for the connection to work?

A: Consult our list of supported hardware and also check the the firmware on your hardware is up to date.

Q: Does this work on older model TSI gallager

A: The TSi will need a bluetooth dongle attached (sourced from Gallagher) to connect to the mobile device.


Q: Can you load animal IDs in the paddock for a treatment?

A: Yes, we can scan their ear tag or search their VID, applying ad hoc records such as treatments or deaths etc. on the go. You can also ‘select by paddock’ when applying treatments.

Grazing Insights

Q: Do the animal units such as DSE/AE automatically update?

A: We currently allow automatic DSE/AE updates and manual updating is coming soon to the platform ... stay tuned!

Q: Can you have a varying expected rate of weight gain, viewed at the same time i.e. winter and spring?

A: Yes, you can set an assumed daily gain for different groups of animals based on the season, pasture availability and other factors.

Q: We want to incorporate feed on offer from CibLabs, to assist with grazing management. Is that available?

A: Yes, we currently run an integration with CiboLabs, read more about it here

Livestock Numbers and Users

Q: Is there a limit to the numbers of animals that can be recorded in the system?

A: There is no limit to the amount of stock you manage, however we would encourage you to speak with the team to understand what features and plan type will suit your need best.

Q: Is there a maximum cap on users in each subscription model?

A: All our new plans have unlimited users. Plans cater for all business types.

Q: Will there be an option to get a user activity report?

A: Yes, the user who creates a record is logged and displayed within the 'Livestock activity by user' report.

Paddocks, Tasks and Mapping

Q: How are the paddocks mapped into the app?

A: We can import electronic map files into AgriWebb to get your paddocks setup OR you can use our very simple mapping tools to map our your property.

Q: Are the tasks now GPS coordinated?

A: Tasks can be pinned to the map using your GPS location. Check out this article for more info.


Q: Is it possible for individual animal records to automatically link to the NLIS database?

A: Yes, the NLIS integration is now released! This will mean you can submit livestock death, sale, purchase, transfer and birth records to the NLIS database directly through AgriWebb. Read more about that here.

Q: Are the EID or VID fields automatically integrated with NLIS ID or RFIDs? Or will we need to add them manually ourselves?

A: If the EID tags are registered within the NLIS database they will link up and allow you to submit updates to the NLIS

Q: If an animal loses its NLIS ear tag and we replace it with a post breeder tag will this allow the animal to retain its lifetime traceability?

A: You can utilise the replacement tag record if an animal loses a tag and historic tags are still recorded.

Future Roadmap

Q: Can individual management capture data for wool and other traits for sheep so you can select by multiple traits.

A: Yes! take a look at our wool harvest record!

Q: Data collected at marking, weaning, fleece weighing, can this be used in Agriwebb to select and draft or do we need to analyse CSV files then import into Agriwebb?

A: This is all data that can be captured in AgriWebb to inform decision-making. The fleece weight is coming soon.

Q: Can individual management bring in data on treatments with a weight csv?

A: Not via a CSV, but you can treat by weight during a live session. Be sure to select dosage by weight to treat as such.

Q: Has AgriWebb been looking at carbon storage calculations through data around pasture composition, T/Ha DM, stocking rates, fertiliser rates etc?

A: Yes! We are planning to assist producers with carbon farming as the market expands. This is a key piece we will focus on in the future roadmap. We currently capture much of the data that contributes to these insights.

Q: Can AgriWebb integrate with virtual fence companies like Vence, e shepherd and Nofence?

A: We have plans in the future to extend our integrations with our public API. If you have any suggestions, send them through for our Product Team to review.

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