Record Templates (Individuals)

Define the workflows you follow on your farm or ranch using record templates.

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A record template groups records together as steps to define the workflows you follow on farm.

These templates can be used during live sessions in the yards or with once off bulk records.

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab. 

livestock icon

Select Record Templates to view your list of templates.

 Create a New Template

create new template button

Tap Create new template followed by the species this template should apply to.

Fill in the name and description of the new template. Tap on Add another step to template to see the list of available steps that can be added to the template.

Select the step to add it to your template. To remove a step tap on the cross.

new cattle template form

You can rearrange the order of your steps by simply dragging and dropping them into their desired positions.

Tap Save to finalise your template.

Edit a Template

From the template list tap the one you wish to edit and select Edit Template.

editing livestock records

You can add additional steps by tapping Add another step. Remove any step by tapping on the cross.

Tap & Hold a step to rearrange its order and drag it to the desired position. Select Save to finalise the changes, or tap Cancel to discard.

Web App

You can create and edit existing record template on the Web App.

Simply go to Livestock followed by Record Templates. This will display your full list of current templates.

Click Create new template and follow the same steps as above to create a new template.

Select Edit besides an existing template to edit it. Click Delete to remove it.

Note: When creating a Record Template certain steps can only be used for the intended purpose of a Bulk Record OR Live Session;

The following steps can only used when creating a Bulk Record

  • Move, Animal Load, Assumed Daily Gain, Feed

The following steps can only used when creating a Live Session

  • Add Animal

All other steps not listed above are available to use in both a Bulk Record and Live Session record template.

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