Treatment Records (Individuals)

How to treat your individual animals.

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Streamline the process of recording animal treatments and use a Live Session or a Bulk Record!

Mobile App - Live Session

Record your treatment records against a cohort of animals by using Treatment record.

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

livestock icon

Click Start Live Session top left of the screen.

start live session icon

Choose which species you are creating a live session for.

create new livestock tracking session

Select Treatment

livestock treatment records

Pick a Medicine;

livestock treatment record

Tap the medicine you wish to administer from your inventory. If the treatment is not yet in your inventory tap Add custom medicine and fill in the details.

Once you have picked the medicine you need to provide a Session Name.

Next set a Dosage Per Head. This automatically sets the default dose per animal. Note: This can be modified during the live session.

Once the dosage is set, the Select containers from inventory button is enabled. By selecting it you will be presented with a list of all containers of that chemical, including their batch numbers.

Select the containers you want to use and then tap Confirm container selections.

batch not specified in farm management tool

Add the Reason for treatment and who it was Applied by and any Costs you wish to add.

You can also connect hardware devices, draft animals to a new location and set a management Group for them

animal treatment record

Click Start Session or Run Later.

Once in a live session, you will be prompted to select an animal. Pick or scan the animal you want to administer the treatment to. Once selected you will see a card showing the treatment information for that animal. The red W shows that this animal is in a Withholding period

livestock medical records

Select Save and Next to move on to the next animal or More actions

Session options

  • Finish Session

  • Pause Session

  • View Current Stats

Current Animal

  • Add a Note

  • Ad Hoc Observation

  • Ad Hoc Record

  • Ignore this Animal

  • Select Next Animal Manually


  • Update Hardware Connection

If you choose to finish the session, this will bring up the Record Summary.

livestock record

Mobile App - Bulk Record

Record your treatment records by using a Treatment Record. For steps on creating records see Creating Individual Records.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

livestock bulk records

Choose which species you are creating the record for.

Select Treatment

livestock treatment record

Pick a Medicine;

pick a medecine interface

Tap the medicine you wish to administer from your inventory. If the treatment is not yet in your inventory tap Add custom medicine and fill in the details.

Select the medicine you wish to administer from your inventory. If the treatment is not yet in your inventory tap Add custom medicine and fill in the details.

Choose your animals and fill in the treatment details.

You can enter either a Dosage per head or Total amount used and the other value will be automatically calculated. Note: Both values should always add up to the same amount.

animal treatment record

Once the dosage per head and the total amount used are set, the container selector will be enabled.

Click on Select containers from inventory. There will be a list of medicine containers itemised and grouped by their batch numbers. You'll also be able to see the capacity and live remaining levels of each.

Choose the container/s that you would like to use. Note: You can only use a single batch number when creating a bulk treatment record.

Fill in the Reason for Treatment, Applied by and Costs and click Save. The app will return to the Livestock page where a message displaying Record created will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Web App

Select Livestock > Individuals. From here you can click Add Record.

add livestock record button

Choose the species and select Treatment from Quick Records. Fill in the treatment details as described above. Click Save.

View Applied Treatments

You can view your animal treatments in your individual animals histories or in the treatment report. See Individual Animal Details & History and IAM Reports - Treatment for more information.

Note: If the medicine has a withholding period and an animal is still within that period you will see some extra alerts. By clicking the Production tab within an animals details you will see warnings for the current withholding period and all related withholding types. This includes the end date and number of days still remaining.

applied treatments report

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