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Pricing and Subscription FAQs
Pricing and Subscription FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about AgriWebb's current pricing model

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Q: What are the subscription fees for?

A: It is now common for software to be priced on a subscription basis due to the nature of building, maintaining and supporting software and regular updates to the software

Q: Does the price include updates?

A: Yes, all updates (relevant to your plan type) that are released by our incredible development team are included in your subscription pricing.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?

A: No, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly (pay yearly to get a discount!) and if you decide to leave us, you can do so (but please note you will not get a refund for any amounts paid in advance).

Q: How can I pay?

A: All payments must be made with a valid credit card, debit card or direct debit from a nominated bank account.

Q: Will my subscription fee increase?
A: Existing customers may see increases to their subscription fees over time:

  • If you upgrade your plan type

  • If you purchase a service or integration add-on from the AgriWebb Marketplace

  • If AgriWebb raises subscription costs in order to maintain our quality of software updates and services.

AgriWebb Software

Q: Are there different plan types?

A: Yes, we have 3 distinct plan types or tiers (only 2 in the UK) with differing feature sets tailored to different operations’ needs.

Q: What does mob management and individual management mean?

A: AgriWebb has been built to fit in with how you manage your animals and record information today. AgriWebb’s mob management allows you to capture a single record for a group of animals, say an average weight across a herd of cattle or a total amount of medicine a flock of sheep have been treated with, and also report at that group level. If you’re using an electronic or visual ID to record information against an individual animal, and want reports and insights, we’ve got you covered there too. For each plan tier, you can choose between mob or individual management.

Q: How much does AgriWebb cost?

A: AgriWebb uses the number of head on farm to determine your subscription cost. The price per head decreases as the total number of livestock increases.

Q: If I run sheep and cattle, do they cost the same amount?

A: The price charged for sheep and cattle is different and derived from a DSE value of 8 for cattle and 1.5 for sheep. We appreciate some operations may use a different DSE value for their livestock, however the values determined by AgriWebb are based on industry standards and designed to cater for our entire customer base.

Q: How is the per head pricing calculated annually?

A: For simplicity, our subscription pricing is based on the average number of livestock you run across a 12 month period to handle any fluctuations depending on your operation type.

Q: Year on year, will my pricing change based on fluctuations in livestock numbers due to the nature of my operation or climate conditions?

A: Please contact the AgriWebb Customer Support team prior to your renewal to review your subscription fees if:

  • Your livestock numbers fluctuate each year.

  • You have to de-stock due to circumstances such as drought or floods (please contact the team as soon as possible).

  • You increase the number of livestock you run since your last subscription payment.

AgriWebb Marketplace Integrations and Add-ons

Q: Will I be charged an additional fee for marketplace integrations?

A: Currently, Cibolabs is the only paid integration in our marketplace. You will be charged a fee based on Cibolabs pricing structure found here.

Q: What add-ons are available?

A: AgriWebb provides services packs for implementation and training with our Customer Success Team, which will have a respective cost associated. Details found here.

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