NLIS Integration - AU (Individuals)

Submit livestock records to the NLIS data through AgriWebb!

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Submit livestock Deaths, Sales, Purchases, Transfers, Retags and Birth records to the NLIS database directly through the AgriWebb Web App.

Note: Only available to Farm Managers and Administrators. See User Management for further details on these access levels.

This integration currently allows a submission of records into the NLIS database from AgriWebb. You are unable to download data from the NLIS database directly into AgriWebb, however you can download a livestock CSV file from the NLIS database and upload into AgriWebb. Read more about that here.

Connecting to AgriWebb

Open your AgriWebb Web App and got to Account > Farm Management.

farm management icon

Click Edit besides your chosen farm. Select Edit Details from the dropdown menu.

edit farm details

Ensure that the correct PIC for your farm is entered in the PIC field. Following use the toggle to turn on Government Bodies.

Tick NLIS. Click '+ Add new connection' and fill in your NLIS login details.

Note: You need to log in using your details for NLIS and not myMLA. If you don't know them, please reset here or get in touch with LPA directly at or on 1800 683 111.

Click Save. Your NLIS account is now connected to your AgriWebb.

Submitting Records

Create your Individual Records in the manner of your choosing. Steps for creating records can be found here. All Deaths, Sales, Purchases, Transfers, Retags and Birth records can be reconciled with the NLIS database.

Once a record is created it will be listed under the "Government Registrations" page of the AgriWebb Web-app. You will find this under the Livestock section.

government registration icon

To submit a record, click the View button.

A dialog showing the status of the submission will be shown. Should any changes be required, you can amend the record through the Edit button. Otherwise once all details are in place, simply click Submit to confirm the movement.

Note: If you edit a record that has been submitted this will not submit to NLIS. You will need to go directly to the NLIS website to update the database.

Use the Ignore button if you do not wish to Submit the movement to the NLIS.

registration overview reporting

After submission the record status will show as processing for a few minutes before changing to completed. Should there be any problems with the submission, the submission status will be updated to reflect this, i.e by identifying an error.

Note: If records have previously been submitted directly through NLIS or another software program. Upon submission the following error message will occur "Condition Violation (The transfer date is earlier than the last transfer recorded against the device. This transfer has not been recorded on the database.)"

To remove the record from the list, select and either Ignore or Archive.

pasture mapping completed

The status will only change to the Completed state and be itemised in green once all is fully verified and the record has been processed.

You can choose to archive old Completed submissions through the Archive button in the top right.

You can use the Show drop down to filter through the different submissions. These include Archived, Completed, Due, Ignored or Errored.

pasture map dropdown

If you need a hand feel free to contact Farm Success for submission queries or NLIS directly for NLIS account queries.

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