LPA Integration (AU)

Learn how AgriWebb helps you become LPA accredited.

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LPA Integration (AU) in AgriWebb

The Livestock Production Assurance scheme (LPA) is a subsidiary run by Meat & Livestock Australian (MLA). 

This scheme is an on-farm program that supports market access for Australian red meat. LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVD's) provide evidence of livestock movements, history and on on-farm practices allowing for greater transparency within the value chain.

AgriWebb allows you to create and submit your eNVD's through the WebApp. If you'd like to learn more about completing your LPA eNVD's through AgriWebb see our article on eNVDs

You are also able to create biosecurity plans and track what you need for your next LPA audit. See our articles on Biosecurity and Audits for more. 

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