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Update: Cibo customers will now see Total Standing Dry Matter (TSDM) populate in AgriWebb instead of FOO. They will also see the date of the last TSDM update and get a new record to record utilisation and wastage. Please read through this article if you have had the integration enabled for a while to get familiar with the new updates!

Cibolabs uses world-leading science in remote sensing and machine learning combined with on-farm knowledge to bring new levels of understanding in pasture productivity and land condition to every farm and in Australia.

If you would like to get connected, head to the AgriWebb Marketplace and follow the steps outlined here to enable the connection.

Please note: This integration requires you to be on the Performance AgriWebb Subscription and also requires a paid subscription with Cibolabs. Pricing information is found within the AgriWebb Marketplace or on the Cibolabs website.

AgriWebb and Cibolabs

The integration with AgriWebb updates the current Total Standing Dry Matter (TDSM) for paddocks. This data is updated every 5 days on a 10 square metre resolution. Total Standing Dry Matter is reported in kilograms of dry matter per hectare. ‘Dry Matter’ refers to the weight of plant material available without water.

Cibolabs will also report on the accuracy of the TDSM value based on cloud cover and other environmental factors that may influence clairty of the imaging systems.

Converting the Total Standing Dry Matter to Feed On Offer

While the TDSM value is a useful metric for your operation, it may be more beneficial to convert this value to Feed On Offer (FOO) for livestock consumption. This can be converted through inputting a Dry Matter Utilisation value.

The utilisation value is input by the user and self-determined on the pasture or crop you grow and what percentage of that your livestock actively graze. In addition, entering the target residual (minimum amount of feed to remain in the paddock), will allow for the conversion of TDSM into FOO.

AgriWebb will use the target residual value to generate the Available Feed On Offer, which is the value that will be used to calculate Grazing Days Remaining based on stocking rates.

How can I view the Cibolabs data in AgriWebb?

You are able to access you Cibo Labs Forage Data through the both the Map Insights Feature and the Paddock Summary Pages on the Mobile and Web App.

Mobile App

Select Map followed up the Settings Icon at the top of the screen

paddock menu

Press on an individual paddock and toggle to the grazing menu to view more details.

Web App

To view the Feed on Offer values through the Paddock Summary Page, simply go to the Farm Map and click on the specific paddock.

Visualise this data using the Farm Map Insights on the mobile or web apps. Go to the Farm Map and press on Insights in the top corner. You will then be able to select Feed on Offer

pasture map using cibo labs

Pasture Key

Also included as a main service from Cibolabs directly (not within AgriWebb) is the Pasture Key. Below are are just a few of the images and insights Cibolabs can provide with their service.

Total Standing Dry Matter

color coded pasture mapping

Fractional Cover Overlays

cibo labs pasture mapping

Monthly Change in TSDM

cibo labs pasture mapping app

You can also find a PastureKey Inferface Tutorial here, which takes through you the different PastureKey layers available through the web interface as well as a PastureKey User Guide here.


My forage is not being updated in AgriWebb?

When the Cibo Labs integration is activated in your AgriWebb account, a pasture image will be captured every 3-5 days. Cibo Labs will only push a forage update through to AgriWebb if they have collected a minimum of 3 “good” readings in the last 15 days. Due to the time of year and significant cloud cover in some areas we may not have enough reliable data to push an update every 5 days.

I have entered in my utilisation and wastage percentages but they have not updated my FOO?
When you enter in your utilisation and wastage percentages, this will not update the FOO calculations until the next TSDM record is sent through from CiboLabs.

How can I trust the accuracy of these forage updates?

Cibo Labs will push through an accuracy measurement with each reading that will give you an indication to the precision of the measurement. You can check out your unique link to your detailed forage insights, which provides more insight into the method Cibo Labs use to measure your pastures. The unique link contains multiple views, some which show cloud cover, the confidence of each specific reading and highlighted areas on each paddock that are being grazed more than others.

Can I input past or current data to calibrate?

Yes, Cibo Labs has a specific calibration tool where you can supply manual readings to help calibrate your farm and area. You can book a calibration session with Phil Tickle from Cibo Labs to learn more.

What is the difference between the AgriWebb/Cibolabs product (PastureKey) and the Australian Feedbase Monitor with MyMLA?

  • The Australian Feedbase Monitor with MyMLA product is best used to look at average cover across an entire farm and should be used to see a visual representation across the farm as well as a single numerical representation of average cover.

  • The PastureKey product with AgriWebb gives a visual and numerical representation of the forage on offer at a paddock level.

(AgriWebb Product)

(MyMLA Free Product)





5 days + 15-day rolling median Biomass estimates.

Estimates displayed as a 30-day rolling median.

Level of Information

Property and paddock level (based on fence lines/custom areas) for each farm for tactical decision making.

Property level (based on land parcels) analysis for strategic planning and decision making.

Layers Provided

TSDM (kg DM/ha), Ground Cover, Fractional Cover, Monthly Change, Traffic Light FOO maps, NDVI + Data folder for all imagery captured on your farm.

TSDM, time-series graphs back to 2017, Ground Cover, Woody Cover.


Standard support from Cibolabs and AgriWebb.

Optional Premium Support available

Standard support from Cibolabs and AgriWebb.

Click here for more information on the comparison for these services. If you would like to speak to a member of the Cibolabs team please email:

If you would like to sign up for myMLA please visit the MLA website here.

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