Feed on Offer (Forage Availability)

Record paddock Feed On Offer (FOO) from the Mobile App and the Web App

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Mobile App

Please follow these steps to record the Feed on Offer in a paddock.

Select the Paddocks tab and tap a paddock to record feed on offer

Press the Feed on Offer icon at the bottom of the page, or tap the More button at the bottom right of the screen and select the Feed on Offer tile.

Enter the Date that the FOO was recorded as well as the Current Feed on Offer. You can do this manually or use the Estimate by Height button. This allows you to estimate dry matter by vegetation height. Simply choose the pasture height and corresponding kg DM/ha then select Ok.

Note: The estimation ruler is dependent on your farm region and assumes an average vegetation quality. By default, the ruler is based on the MLA Pasture Ruler. For farms in the US, it is sourced from West Virginia University.

Note: To create a comprehensive Feed Budget, you may also wish to input Minimum FOO and Pasture Growth to determine your Grazing Days remaining

Add Minimum FOO

  1. Minimum FOO will automatically be set to 1000kg DM/ha. To edit Minimum FOO, select a paddock and press More

  2. Press Minimum FOO and enter your desired Target Minimum Feed on Offer. Press Save to finalise your entry.

Add Pasture Growth

  1. Select a paddock and press More

  2. Press Pasture Growth and enter your Current Pasture Growth Rate and the date it was recorded. Press Save to finalise your entry

You can also update your Feed on Offer, Pasture Growth Rate and Target Minimum Feed on Offer when performing a Mob Movement Record. Each time livestock are moved from paddock to paddock, use the Grazing Planner and update your pasture records. Note this is only available for mob management subscriptions and not individual management.

Web App

If you are updating multiple paddocks, it is easier to update Feed On Offer, Minimum FOO and Pasture Growth on our Web App!

Note: For US Customers, Feed On Offer will be Forage.

Select Paddocks from the left navigation panel

Select the Paddock/s by clicking the tick boxes on the left

Click Paddock actions and Set Feed on Offer from the drop-down menu

4. Fill out the Date and the Feed on Offer value. This will apply the same Feed On Offer value to your selected paddocks. Click Edit Individually to update values for each paddock.

5. Press Save to complete updating your Feed On Offer levels.

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