How to Set-up and run your Feedlot on AgriWebb

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Setting up and running a feedlot on AgriWebb is easy, here's how.

How many Farms?

If you're currently running a grazing operation it's important to determine whether the feedlot will be run as a seperate business. If it is you'll need to create a new farm. In this way your reports will remain seperate. For more information on how to create a new farm please see our help article on Adding a Farm.

If you run them as the same business you can draw the yards on the same map as your grazing paddocks. 

Drawing your Yards

You can use the feedlot drawing feature to add in your yards. It's completely up to you whether you draw them to scale or not. Either option does not effect the feedlot setup. 

Regardless of size, any paddock/feedlot is able to be stocked. Draw in your feedlot by selecting Feedlot from the Paddock Editor on your Mobile or Web App. See Drawing Paddocks for more.

Running your Feedlot

Applying treatments, sales, purchases or movements to your mobs is the same as you normally would your grazing enterprise. For more information see the links to our help articles below. 

Help Article Links

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