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Sale Record

How to record a sale and add details of market performance

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Looking to record sold livestock?

Create a New Sale Record

Mobile App

On the Mobile App press on the Map icon and Select the Livestock tab.

livestock record keeping tab

Tap the Livestock group you are recording a sale for and press View Details.

view details button

From the livestock details page, press More, then select Sale from the Livestock Records.

sale button

Complete the Sale Date and add in the Number of Head Transported. To add in multiple mobs tap on Select Mobs and choose your mobs from the list. You can also add in information detailing NVD number, buyer details, sale weights, income, transport and costs. To add in advanced details hit the cog in the top right > and tap advanced.



livestock sale record

Basic plus ...

livestock sale reporting

If you are completing an Internal Sale within AgriWebb to another property on your account, tap on the Basic Transfer Record dropdown menu and select Transfer between farms in AgriWebb. You can then select the specific farm you are sending the livestock to using the Select Farm to transfer to dropdown menu.

livestock sale record form

When you have finished entering the details, press Save.

Web App

On the Web App press on the Livestock tab and select the Add Records button.

add livestock records button

Select Sale.

Note that you can toggle between Basic and Advanced fields to allow for more information to be added.

livestock record dropdown

Fill out the required sale details and hit save.

livestock group reporting

If you would like to record the income for a sale, select the appropriate recording metric (Per Head, Live Weight, Dressed Weight, Gross) and enter the required information. Select "None" if you do not wish to record any income for the sale.

Note: The Head Condemned section refers to the number of head lost during transport, and as such will be reduced from the total sale price, and will alter the average price per head.

livestock income records

If you are performing an internal sale between farms, fill out to appropriate information under Transport. Ensure under Transfer Type you select Transfer between farms in AgriWebb and then using the Select farm to transfer to dropdown click on the farm they are being sent to.

livestock transport records

If you need to remove any livestock, select Remove.

Press Save

Note: If you make a movement after the sale contract date that affects the number of head sold, you will get an error when trying to create the sale record.

Edit or Delete a Sale Record


From the Livestock Summary, select the History tab at the top. Select the sale record and tap the item arrow >.

livestock sale record

From the Sale Record summary page, you can Edit, Duplicate, Add a Note or Delete the Sale Record. To finalise your changes, press Save.

livestock record editing options


Navigate into your livestock tab > and click on the mobs name in question. In the mobs history, find the sale record and hit edit.

livestock sale records

You can also edit the sale record directly from your sale records report. Navigate to reports > sale records > find the record and hit edit.

edit button

See our article here for more information on your sales report. 

Your sale records are also automatically added into your Livestock Cost of Production and Livestock Gross Margins Report. See here for more information. 

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