Select the Map tab from the Mobile App, then tap the livestock you wish to sell.

Select View details, press More at the bottom right of the screen and select Sale.

Complete the Sale Date and add in the Number of Head Transported. To add in multiple mobs select Add and choose your mobs from the list.  

If you need to remove any livestock, select Remove.

Press Save or select Next to move to the Details page. Note: You can leave Advanced Fields until after sale.

Post Sale

From the Menu tab, press Sales and Purchases, then Livestock Sales History to view your list of sales records. 

Select the sale you wish to edit.

Press Edit, and then Details. From here you can enter information on the buyer, income and transport. 

For multi-sales, income can be added as either a Total or on a Per Mob basis by selecting the appropriate heading. 

Once you are finished, press Save.


If you want to review or edit the sale record you have two ways to access the record. 

  • Select Menu > Sales and Purchases > Livestock Sales History

You can select a sale record from the list to make changes. 

  • From the Mob Details summary page press History.

To view more details, tap the arrow  >  to the right of the record title 

Choose from the following options at the bottom of the screen. 

Sale Records Report

On the Web App select the Reports tab from the navigation panel on the left.

Select Sale Records report

Your sale records complete with the price, cost, numbers, value and more information across all of your livestock is displayed in this report.

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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