Learn how to record your livestock vaccinations and apply livestock treatments on the Mobile App. 

Livestock Treatment Record 

Select the Map tab.

Select the Livestock Tab at the top of the screen

Tap the livestock that you wish to treat, this will bring up the Paddock Overview. Press Treat All  if you want all the livestock in the paddock to be treated.

To treat livestock individually scroll down and press View Details underneath the livestock group you wish to treat.

Press View Details and then select Treat

You can treat multiple livestock groups by selecting them from the list, then press Next. You can group livestock by Paddock, Management Tag etc by pressing By Selected 

Select the treatments from your inventory to apply them to your livestock. If you want to create a new inventory item, press Add Treatment. To learn more about how to Add Inventory make sure you check out our step-by-step guide.

Press Next to begin filling out the dosage rate of each treatment. The total amount applied will be automatically calculated. 

If you wish to record further details such as  labour costs and application reasons, press Show Advanced Fields. To finalise your changes, press Save.

Editing Treatments

You can Edit, Duplicate, Delete and Add Notes to treatments records after creation. Do this by selecting the mobs History and then selecting the Treatment.

Use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to choose between options.

You can view all your livestock treatments in a report format via the Web App. See our Livestock Treatment Report article for more information. 

Multi Batch Treatments
Paddock Treatment

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