What is an eNVD?

An eNVD is an electronic version of the current paper National Vendor Declaration that simplifies the transfer of information from one property to another, or to a processor or saleyard.

Should I be using eNVD?

eNVDs are satisfactory to use instead of the paper NVD, however they are not compulsory. They do create less paperwork and allow for a more accurate transfer of information. They also create a greater visibility of stock details and allow for more efficient management. 

How do eNVD’s help with LPA accreditation?

As a Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accredited producer you must provide an NVD or eNVD for any movement of stock. When you sign Part A of an LPA NVD or eNVD, you are sharing information on livestock history and declaring compliance with the LPA requirements. The eNVDs that you submit through AgriWebb will accredit you as part of the LPA.

Can someone else receive an eNVD?

Yes! Your eNVDs can be submitted to any other party in the supply chain using the eNVD platform, regardless if they are using AgriWebb or not. You will receive a notification requesting that the NVD be printed if the receiver is not compatible with eNVDs. 

Can I create an eNVD in the Mobile App?

Currently you are only able to create eNVDs on the Web App.

Having trouble creating an eNVD?

If you are having any issues at all, please contact our Farm Success team and we can get you back up and running. You can also log into the MLA website and submit your eNVD. Once it has been completed through the MLA, you will be able to view the eNVD from the AgriWebb Web App.

Get Started with eNVDs

To manage eNVDs in AgriWebb it is first necessary to link your LPA account to your AgriWebb farm. To integrate your LPA account on AgriWebb. Note you can link multiple PICs and toggle between them from the Integrations page on the Web App:

  1. Open Livestock from the left navigation panel

  2. Open eNVD

  3. Select Let's link my farm!

  • You will need to verify that your business details are correct. These will be used as the initial address information for all consignments created in AgriWebb.

  • Associate your LPA MLA account with the appropriate farms remembering that the PIC of your LPA account should match that of the property under management in AgriWebb. 

Visit https://lpa.nlis.com.au/ if you need help with your LPA account.

Creating a new eNVD

  1. Select the Species for consignment

  2. Enter the destination PIC for where the livestock of this eNVD will be consigned to. Enter the PIC if you have it, search for the PIC or select from the destination PICs of previous consignments. This field can be completed later if you do not know the destination PIC.

Filling out your eNVD

  1. Summary Details

View details of the consignment including:

  • Your property details

  • Consignment details

  • Destination of the livestock if different to the consignment address 

To submit an eNVD all required fields of the Summary Details section must be filled.

Can I send my cattle to an address different to the consignment address?
Yes! On the consignment page, select the checkbox to create a destination other than the consignment address.

2. Livestock

Select the livestock that will be transported with this consignment. To select a livestock group:

  1. Click Select Livestock

  2. Select one or more livestock groups from the list, or apply a filter. Choose to send the whole group or transport part of the group.

Note: At this point no animals will be removed from your farm. 

Can I edit the number of head consigned?
The head consigned can be updated on the selected livestock, and additional groups can be added to the consignment at any time.

Note: The number of animals transported can be updated even after the eNVD has been submitted. 

3. Declarations

  • Add all required declarations to the consignments 

  • By default each consignment will contain a vendor declaration 

  • Edit the declaration to enter the required information and complete the declaration

How do I sign the eNVD?
In the Declaration section, quickly upload a signature document from your computer by clicking Upload from Computer. You are also able to print the eNVD and sign the printed document.

Don’t have an electronic signature?
Create your personalised signature online. Click here to generate your electronic signature. 

Submit your eNVD
To submit your eNVD, select Submit eNVD in the top right hand corner of your screen.

View a submitted eNVD from the main eNVD summary page. 

Reconciling an eNVD

To complete an eNVD you must reconcile it. Reconciling an eNVD will adjust the stock numbers of the selected mobs in AgriWebb. The transported animals will be removed from their mobs, and a sale record will be created with reference to the NVD.

This step should occur after the animals have been transported and the final head transported is known. 

To reconcile an eNVD

  1. Open it on the web app. 

  2. Click on the Reconcile button.

  3. Update the head transported for each of the selected groups

  4. Enter the date of transportation. 

Once finalised the consignment will be read only. 

A Sale record will be created for the consignment with all of the selected groups added, and livestock on the farm will be updated. As details of the sale are returned, update the consignments sale record.

Note: A single sale record is created for all mobs selected. To update the sale record the version of your mobile app must be at least 3.1.0. Check your app store for available updates.  

How do I print an eNVD?

  1. Open the eNVD

  2. Select Download in the top right hand corner of your screen

  3. Once you have downloaded the eNVD, you will be able to print the PDF

Note: You are unable to print Draft eNVDs.

Can I print the eNVD and then update stock numbers?
Yes, you are able to print the eNVD and then update your stock numbers. 

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