Submitting Movements to Government Bodies (UK)

AgriWebb can be used to submit your animal movement records to the relevant government body in Great Britain.

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We currently support the following governing bodies;  BCMS, EIDCymru, LIS, Scot-EID, ScotMoves+, APHIS(NI). To get started, ensure that you connect your farm to the one of these government bodies. The set up process is simple and explained in these articles: 

Web App

Once connected your sales, deaths, and other animal movements will be listed under the "Government Registrations" page of the AgriWebb Web app. You will find this under the Livestock section. 

To submit a movement, click the View button.

A dialog showing the status of the submission will be shown. Should any changes be required, you can amend the record through the Edit button. Otherwise once all details are in place, simply click Submit to confirm the movement.

After submission the movement will show as processing for a few minutes before changing to completed. Should there be any problems with the submission, the submission status will be updated to reflect this, i.e by identifying an error.

The status will only change to the Completed state and be itemised in green once all is fully verified and the movement has been processed.

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