Connecting to LIS (Livestock Information Service) (UK)

Previously ARAMS

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LIS (Livestock Information Service) has replaced ARAMS for Sheep movement data in England. This is part of a wider change to improve and modernise traceability for disease control.

Connecting your LIS account with AgriWebb is an important first step for sheep farmers in England.

Start by ensuring you have the correct account credentials for LIS.

Sign-up for LIS

If you do not already have an account for LIS, you can create an account by registering on

  • Select 'Create Account',

  • Enter your CPH Number

    • Your email address connected to this CPH will automatically appear on screen but with some characters hidden. If you see a message that a CPH or email address cannot be found, or you can no longer access the email address returned, then please contact LIS Helpdesk on 0844 573 0137 or email on

  • Confirm your email address

    • A verification code will automatically be sent to your e-mail address. Once the email arrives, copy the code and return to the email confirmation page.

  • Create a password for your account.

    • 8 characters, one number and a special character

What are the correct credentials?

The LIS Web Portal username and password - The same credentials you would use to access

Connecting to AgriWebb

Once you have your details ready, log on to the AgriWebb Web App and select the Account tab followed by Government Connections.

government connections button

Click Add Connection.

add connection button

A dialog box will prompt for the Government Body you wish to connect to;

Select the Farm required, from a list showing all farms in the region supported by LIS; your LIS credentials are not needed at this time.

Select your farm from the list. This list shows all farms in the region supported by the government body based on the provided farm address.

Press Connect and the connection details will configured.

When a connection to LIS is required, you will be prompted to enter your credentials in a 'pop-up' window;

On the Movements > Government Registrations page, select Authenticate with LIS.

authenticate with lis button

A pop-up window will appear prompting for your credentials;

livestock information service login screen

After pressing 'Sign in', a success message will appear briefly.

You can now submit any pending government records.

If there was an error with your credentials, a message will appear indicating this in AgriWebb.

If your authentication has expired, you may receive an error when submitting your records indicating the password is not set. In this case, simply press the 'Authenticate with LIS' button again, and follow the process to sign in again.

Should you need any support on the integration process, please reach out to a member of our Farm Success team for assistance here anytime.

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