Connecting your BCMS account with AgriWebb is an important first step for livestock farmers in the United Kingdom.

First and foremost, you will need to ensure you have the correct account credentials. *Please note that these are not the credentials that you use for CTS Online.*

What are the correct credentials?

  • CTS Web Services username
  • CTS Web Services password 

These are not the same credentials you use to login to the CTS Online system. They are specific to BCMS integration partners and can only be obtained via request from the BCMS. If you do not have these credentials for your farm, you will need to request these from the BCMS directly. 

BCMS Enquiries

Typically, credentials are posted by mail in separate letters for security purposes. 

In association with your CPH (County Parish Holding) number, you will receive a username in the following format 111-111-111 and a password of 7 characters, a mixture of letters and digits which must be entered in capital letters. (5LG3LN7)

Once obtained, log on to the AgriWebb Web App and select the Account tab on the bottom left hand side of the menu bar. Follow the steps below to connect your account to the BCMS.

Government Connections

Add Connection

A dialog box will prompt for the Government Body you wish to connect to;

Enter the Username, Password, and Account Nickname

Select the Farm required from a list showing all farms in the region supported by the Government Body, based on the provided farm address.

If no identifier is set, it is possible to set the identifier at this point, which will then make the connection available to select.

Press Connect and the connection details will be tested, and a connection will be established.

If a connection is successful, and if there are currently animals on the farm, there will be a prompt to import animals into your AgriWebb account.

Once you select the option to import livestock, you will be notified as below. The process takes several minutes and once completed a notification will appear to indicate that all animals have been uploaded.

Once imported, the livestock detected on farm will feature listed, from the Livestock tab under Individuals on both the Mobile App and Web App.

Should you need any support on the integration process, please reach out to a member of our Farm Success team for assistance here anytime. 

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