Connecting to ScotMoves+ for Cattle (UK)

Easily connect your ScotMoves+ account with AgriWebb

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Connecting your ScotMoves+ account with AgriWebb is an important first step for cattle farmers in Scotland. Once connected you can import your animals directly into your AgriWebb account. Please note this is only for cattle movements. For Sheep movements, view our article on Connecting to ScotEID.

What are the correct credentials?

Scot EID Enquiries

You will also need to make sure that you are registered for cattle movements with ScotMoves. This can be checked by logging into ScotEID, and heading to 'Keeper Details'. If you're not registered you will be given instructions on how to update your registration details.

livestock record summary

Connecting to AgriWebb

Once obtained, log on to the AgriWebb Web App and select the Account followed by Government Connections

government connection button

Click Add Connection.

add connection button

A dialog box will prompt for the Government Body you wish to connect too.

Enter your Username, Password, and Account Nickname.

link livestock records with scotmoves+

Select your farm from the list. This list shows all farms in the region supported by the government body based on the provided farm address.

If no identifier is set, it is possible to set the identifier at this point, which will then make the connection available to select.

Press Connect and the connection details will be tested and established.

Importing Animals

If you have connected with ScotMoves+, and there are currently animals on the farm, there will be a prompt to import animals into your AgriWebb account.

livestock detected alert message

Once you select the option to import livestock, you will be notified as below. The process takes several minutes and once completed a notification will appear to indicate that all animals have been uploaded.

importing livestock message

Once imported, the livestock detected on farm will be listed under the Livestock > Individuals.

livestock record summary

Should you need any support on the integration process, please reach out to a member of our Farm Success team for assistance here anytime.

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