Connecting to APHIS/DAERA (NI)

Easily connect your APHIS/DAERA account with AgriWebb

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Please note that from the 2nd of September 2023 at 2 pm - APHIS will be discontinued. It will be replaced by NIFAIS at 12 am on the 3rd of September 2023.

Between the hours of 2 pm-12 am on these dates, you will not be able to submit any movements to APHIS/NIFAIS.

From Monday the 4th onwards, you will be able to set up a new connection with NIFAIS - To see how to do this please go to the NIFAIS help article.

Connecting your APHIS account with AgriWebb is an important first step for cattle farmers in Northern Ireland.

Start by ensuring you have the correct credentials for the APHIS Online Service.

What are the correct credentials?

For more information on the applications within DAERA Online Services, email your local DAERA Direct Regional Office or telephone 0300 200 7840

Connecting to AgriWebb

Once you have your details ready, log on to the AgriWebb Web App and select the Account tab followed by Government Connections.

government connection functionality

Click Add Connection.

add connection button

A dialog box will prompt for the Government Body you wish to connect to;

Select the Farm required, from a list showing all farms in the region supported by APHIS; your APHIS credentials are not needed at this time.

If no identifier is set, it is possible to set the identifier at this point, which will then make the connection available to select. This is your Herd Number.

Press Connect and the connection details will be tested, and a connection will be established.

When a connection to the APHIS Online system is required, you will be prompted to enter your credentials in a 'pop-up' window.

nidirect portal

Select the way in which you would like to access APHIS - via nidirect, or Government Gateway credentials.

government gateway login

Once you have signed in successfully, the pop-up window will close and AgriWebb will proceed with the action requested.

If you have trouble connecting, verify your connection details with DAERA and make sure to type your password rather than copying and pasting it in.

Movement Documents (MC2)

When submitting records for APHIS, you can access your movement document from the Livestock > Government Registrations page. Once a record has been successfully submitted, the movement document link will appear at the bottom of the registration details:

registration overview screen

Should you need any support on the integration process, please reach out to a member of our Farm Success team for assistance here anytime.

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