Sale or Pre-Move Sale Records - APHIS (NI)

Your guide for how to submit sale records for producers in Northern Ireland (NI).

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Sale or Pre-Move Sale Records for APHIS (NI)

Sale records can be created on both the Mobile and Web App. Should you wish to create your sale record via the mobile app or via the web app on the day of please click the below article.

Important: Should you wish to create your sale record prior to the sale date please follow the below instructions to best complete this action

Step 1: APHIS Online

Log into APHIS Online and complete a pre-move permit.

Step 2: Log into the AgriWebb Web App

Ideally, before cattle leave the farm they would be grouped in AgriWebb in one of three ways;

  1. Draft cattle being sold to a location ie Sale Pen

  2. Assign cattle being sold to a new management group ie Sale Group #1

  3. Cattle being sold are simply scanned via the Simple Scan and automatically pulled into a group

If you are unable to group the cattle heading for sale you can still easily enter them for sale in via the AgriWebb Web App.

Step 3: Complete a Sale record

Select Livestock, down the left hand side, Individuals across the top of the page and then the blue Add Records button.

individual animal records

Select Sale down the left hand menu and then Select Animals under "No Animals Selected". From here you can select Individual Animals to select animals one by one or either Animals from a previous record or Import from a CSV to enter multiple animals at once.

From here use either the Filters or the Search by VID box to create a list of your animals that have been sold. Once you're done creating your list press Select Animals.

Once your animals have been selected and entered into the record you can fill in only the information you wish and the Departure Date, which is a mandatory field.

You can also add Carcass Data or a Price & Weight for each animal.

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