Sale Records (Individuals)

How to record an individual sale and add details of market performance

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Follow the below guide to create sale records for your individual animals! Upload prices and carcass data after sale as well.

Mobile App

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

livestock icon

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

create bulk record button

Select Sale

livestock sale button

Start from the top and fill in any relevant details for the sale. You can apply the CPH details alongside associated transport details.

sale record form in livestock managment tool

If selling multiple animals, you can add in more by hitting Select Animals and choosing them from your list or from a previous record, which includes live sessions. 

When selecting a transfer type ensure you choose the correct one for the circumstances. If the animal is being sold to an abattoir or another farm not on AgriWebb you can use a Basic transfer record.

If the animal is being sold to another farm on your AgriWebb account please choose Transfer between farms in AgriWebb. See Transfer Records for further information.

Fill Income details which can be categorised by the following options;

livestock record details

Costs can be added from the list below. Any haulage, levies, yardage and commission fees can be added under Additional Costs.  

Finally, review your information and click Save

Editing Sales

Sales records can be easily accessed and edited on the mobile app by tapping Menu > Livestock Movements > Sales.

Web App

To create a sale record on the Web App go to Livestock and navigate to the Individuals list. This will show a full list of all your individual animals currently in AgriWebb.

Click on the blue Add Records button.

add records button

Select between Sheep or Cattle for this record. Click on Sale from the records list.

livestock sale button

Fill in the details of the sale and click Save to finish.

Upload Carcass Data

To upload a csv file of carcass data select the green button next to Add Carcass Data and the fields will expand.

add carcass data button

Drag and drop your CSV file into the box available or choose a file from your computer directory.

carcass data record form

Map the relevant fields from the file using the importer window and proceed through the steps hitting Next and then Save to upload.

Alternatively, you can manually add data to animals by entering the details into the associated fields.

animal record details


Sales reports can be viewed from the Web app. Simply go to Reports > Individuals > Sale Records.

For more information on this see Individual Sales Report.

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