What is User Management?

User management allows Admins and Farm Managers to invite new users and manage existing users access levels.   

Multiple users from your organisation can use the AgriWebb Mobile App and Web App. Adding multiple users allows tasks to be assigned to specific employees, as well as controlling who in your organisation has access to specific features.


How to Manage Users

  1. Select the Account tab from the navigation panel on the left. You can access this from the AgriWebb website. 

2. Click on User Management 

This will allow you to manage your users.

Button toggles can be used to filter staff by the type of user

How to Add Users

  1. Click on + Add User

2. Enter the user’s details in the fields provided

3. Once you have finished filling out the details, click next. This will send an email inviting the new user to join your organisation.

Note: User invite emails are only valid for 28days. A new invite will need to be sent after that time period.

How to Remove Users

Click on View Details next to the user you want to remove

Click on the Remove user button at the bottom

Click Remove user again to confirm.

How to Revoke a License

Click on View Details next to the user you want to remove

Click on Revoke license

Note: Revoking a license is great option for a staff member that comes and goes (contractors). This allows you to grant them access to your farm whilst they're working on the property; as well as remove that access when it's no longer needed.

Partner User

Users from other organisations working with you. A common example is farm advisors or agronomists from external organisations. 

To add a partner click the blue Add Partner button.

For more information on our Partner Program contact our Farm Success Team.

User Roles

Assign different levels of access to farm staff and control who in your organisation has access to specific features. You can see if your subscription includes User Roles here

Click on View Details next to the user you want to assign roles for

Click Edit access

Change the user’s role on each farm using the dropdown option next to their name. 

The role in Default access will be used for all farms in which the user does not have a specific role and will be the user’s default role in any new farm created.

If you do not want users to get automatic access to new farms, assign the default as No access and assign specific roles to the required farms.

Once you are happy with the changes, click Save.

User Roles

See if your subscription has access to user roles here


Has access to all features in the organisation. When a user is an Administrator, they automatically assume that role on all farms.


Has access to all features on mobile and web apps for the farms they are given access to. Farm managers don't have access to billing or adding new farms, however they can manage users. 

Mobile App User

Has access to all features available on the mobile app. Does not have access to the web app.

Inventory Manager

Has access to inventory management on the AgriWebb web app for selected farms. Does not get access to the mobile app.


Has access to all features on AgriWebb web app except account management (Billing, User management, Add/edit farm details), but does not have access to the mobile app. They also get an additional Explorer feature which lets them view and compare performance between farms.

No Access

No access to any part of AgriWebb. This role is used to deny access for the selected farm.

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